Independent Living Apartments

Butternut Ridge one- and two-bedroom apartments offer a variety of services for independent living:

Furnishings that include a stove, refrigerator, draperies, and carpeting

The Great Room -- a comfortable place to visit with neighbors, friends, and family

Rent covers water, heat, air conditioning, sewer, garbage removal, fire alarm, 24-hour emergency assistance, and grounds maintenance.

Optional services include meal plans, laundry, housekeeping, transportation, and clerical assistance

Priority admission status to Iola Living Assistance.

Social Service Counseling -- When issues arise, residents are comfortable knowing there is trained staff nearby for immediate help.

Butternut Ridge Apartments are located in scenic Iola, Wisconsin.  We invite you to visit us anytime for a guided tour.  Our caring staff is here to answer any questions.  Please call us at 715-445-2412

"The apartment... is comfortable with my own furniture and in case I need help it's close at hand. 

I'm glad I found this Iola Living."   - Cecilia Seiler

Butternut Ridge Bulletin Board

Butternut Ridge Apartments Brunch
Butternut Ridge Brunch
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Vivian-Erickson-Waters, Anna-Berit-Softeland-of-Norway and Carol-Erickson-Lashua
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Paul Johns 103rd B-Day
Paul Johns 103rd B-Day
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