We are a non-profit provider

Iola Living Assistance, Inc.
Payment for skilled nursing services from private individuals, Medicare, Medicaid, Family Care and private insurance is accepted.

Living Oaks
Payment for assisted living services from private individuals, Family Care/Community Care Programs are accepted.

Butternut Ridge
Payment for independent living services is from the private individual.

Private Pay

The individual receiving services is personally responsible for the cost of the services they receive.  It is important to understand what services and supplies are included in the facilities daily rate.

Medicaid/Managed Care and Family Care

Medicaid is the Wisconsin Medical Assistance program, which provides free or low cost health coverage. The program covers individuals who meet medical and/or financial guidelines. Contact the county Health and Human Services Department for program specifics.

Medicare Program

Medicare benefits are available if you are 65 or older or under 65 and receiving disability benefits. There are also other criteria. Medicare has two parts. Part A helps cover inpatient hospital care, home health care, hospice and skilled nursing care.  There are criteria a person must meet to qualify for Part A coverage in a skilled nursing facility. If you meet the criteria for skilled nursing care, Medicare will pay for up to 100 days of service.  Medicare will cover days 1 to 20 at 100% of their payment schedule.  Payment for services on days 21 to 100 require a co-pay, which can be paid by a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Medicare Advantage Programs

We regularly work with companies including: Humana, Security Health/Advocare, Network Health and United Health Care. If your insurance provider is not listed, please call and ask us to check if an independent contract can be explored. Typically you will have a co-pay with the Medicare Advantage Plan.

Private  Insurance

There are many different private insurance plans that will pay according to the type of plan you have, often times you will have some out of pocket expenses. Long term care plans or nursing home insurance will pay a portion of the daily room and board rate.  Contact the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance for information on insurance. The number is 1-800-242-1060.